Baton Rouge, Louisiana Attorneys

There are many times in our lives when need guidance  for a number of legal issues. When we do need an attorney,  hire someone who will give you the personalized service you need for the situation  you find yourself in. This is why if you need legal assistance in Louisiana, contact us at Miller, Hampton & Hilgendorf. We treat every cases individually and review the entire case before we make any legal recommendations. At Miller, Hampton & Hilgendorf, we emphasize specific areas of Louisiana law in order to provide our clients with the best possible service. Some of the areas we focus on include:

  • Employment law – at Miller, Hampton & Hilgendorf we have extensive experience helping victims of workplace abuse including sexual and racial discrimination, wage and overtime problems and we understand that if you are a whistle blower, you need legal help to ensure you do not lose your job. We can help fight for you rights under the law and protect you from possible retaliation by your employer.

  • Personal injury law – personal injury cases are unique in that every case is different. Whether you have been involved in an accident with another car or an 18-wheeler, you are entitled to remuneration for medical bills and for your injuries. Under Louisiana laws, the statute of limitations on filing a personal injury suit is one year. Without the assistance of Miller, Hampton & Hilgendorf, you could forfeit your rights to collect for your injuries. In addition, if you have filed a personal injury claim and the insurance company is fighting you, we can help ensure they hold up their end of your contract by working with them to reach a suitable settlement.

  • Family Law – since Louisiana is a community property state, divorce settlements are generally not a problem. However, other issues including child support, spousal support and visitation often cause great friction between divorcing couples. When you need help with alimony agreements, child support agreements or if there is a question of paternity, the law offices of Miller, Hampton & Hilgendorf can help you with your case.

When you need to consider hiring Baton Rouge attorneys, contact Miller, Hampton & Hilgendorf for help. We offer personalized service for every case we accept. We do our best to provide you the services you need.