Get What You Earned With an Overtime Wage Claims Attorney

When do overtime wage claims attorneys play a significant role?

You clock in every day, not just right on time, but five minutes early. That’s because you adopted your grandfather’s “on time is late, early is on time” work ethics. Over the past couple months, however, you feel that your discipline in arriving on time, putting in a hard day’s work, then clocking out when you are supposed to is no longer being reciprocated by your employer.  You no longer arrive home at a regular hour to enjoy your family. The work projects are getting more complicated and time-consuming. The typical 40 hour work week you built your life around isn’t enough time to accomplish everything on your table in time to meet all the current deadlines. The 40 hour week turned into 44, then 48, and now you are heading upwards of 60 hours a week.

You have not complained to your superior – not even another co-worker – until you noticed something that rubbed you wrong in more ways than one. You were working overtime, but you were not receiving overtime pay. It is a sad practice that still occurs even in this modern day, and it is your right as a hard-worker to fight back. This is an example of an instance where an overtime wage claims attorney can play a significant role in helping you win back the money owed to you for contributing above and beyond the call of duty.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the overtime wage claims attorneys at the law offices of Miller, Hampton, & Hilgendorf have been helping hard workers like you to receive the compensation they are owed by current or past employers. Sometimes the circumstances allow for up to double the amount owed to be paid out, and you deserve to find out more about how this can be the case for you. Call today at 225-343-2205 for a free case evaluation, and learn more about how one of our qualified overtime wage claims attorneys can help you.