Getting Through a Tough Transition With a Divorce Attorney

After trying for three years to “make things work,” Julia and Robert came to the conclusion that the chemistry was just not what it used to be, and they decided to end their marriage with a divorce. Although they had deep respect for one another, and a child was brought into their lives five years prior to this decision, the divorce process did not pan out as smoothly as they envisioned it would. Not long after they made their final decision, and before they each hired their divorce attorney, they started putting out ideas about how custody would be shared with their child. Julia felt she deserved more time because of her availability, but Robert disagreed and felt that the time should be split evenly, and he would make himself more available. Julia then retorted by saying he knew that was not going to happen, and from there sparked another one of those arguments that led them to the divorce in the first place.

Divorce comes about for many reasons, none of which are easy. Sometimes, even after years of trying, a couple decides that enough is enough, and they somewhat amicably choose to part ways. More often, there are more tumultuous circumstances under which couples divorce, such as infidelity and domestic abuse. No matter what the severity of the circumstances may be between a divorcing couple, the process of determining how it ends, who gets what, and, if children are involved, custody and child support can turn even the most amicable of separations into a full on dispute. Hiring a divorce attorney to help fight for your rights is one of the most important steps in the process of divorce. Arguably more important is the notion that your divorce attorney should be backed by a reputation of success.

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