Finding the Right Child Support Lawyer in Louisiana

Have you recently agreed to file for divorce with your wife/mother of your children? Obviously, this is not an easy time for you or your family. Any amount of added stress can lead to greater strain in the process of separating and deciding what the future for your children. By finding the right child support lawyer, you can spare yourself and your family much of that added stress. They will know exactly how to approach the situation, and they will be able to explain clearly to the involved parties where the responsibility lies.

In Louisiana, basic child support obligations have been determined by combined monthly adjusted gross incomes. This means that the monthly amount owed by the party responsible for child support depends on one’s income and the number of children the two parents share. Beyond financial support, the parents are also responsible for offering medical and emotional support to the child(ren). It sounds easy enough to approach, but to consider the amount of argumentation and disagreement that occur during divorce proceedings; this can often be a very difficult subject to approach and reach agreement upon.

A child support lawyer will fight for your rights, which ultimately means they will be fighting for your children’s rights. You work hard for your money, and you are prepared to support your children just as before, but you know that you deserve fairness. If your former spouse is not compliant with the payment schedules, or somehow not fulfilling their legal duty to provide medical or emotional support to your child(ren), then now is the time to decide who will represent you and your children’s best interests. At the Baton Rouge, Louisiana law offices of Miller, Hampton, & Hilgendorf, our child support lawyers have many years of experience helping families like yours to resolve the issues they face surrounding child support. Call today at 225-343-2205 for a free consultation, and learn more about how to protect your rights!