Employment Law Attorneys Help Fight For Worker’s Rights

Just because you are an employee, not an employer, does not mean you do not have a voice. Unfortunately, this little lesson in workplace politics is not always clear to the people who should understand that concept above anyone else – the employers. Even in today’s modern society, cases of employment law violations occur in every industry, in every corner of the country. Special laws are in place to help prevent such violations, but as with traffic laws, many people push those to the limits as far and long as they can until they get caught. In the meantime, the only people who suffer from their actions are the innocent bystanders, and in this case, that means the employees. Where a traffic officer might pull over a driving law offender and punish them with a citation and fine, there are no such enforcers of employment laws on the premises of every workplace. For that reason, if you find yourself in a situation where someone at work is handling matters recklessly and violating employment laws, one of the best methods of defense is a qualified employment law attorney.

At the Baton Rouge, Louisiana law offices of Miller, Hampton, & Hilgendorf, our employment law attorneys have the quality experience you need to take your employer to court. They will help fight for maximum compensation, and teach those who violated your rights a lesson in treating others, especially employees, with the type of respect that they deserve. It is shameful that people in a position of power choose to mistreat those who work for them. It is only right that they face the consequences of their actions and learn not to take advantage of people based on the premise of authority.

Call our employment law attorneys today at 225-343-2205 for an evaluation of your case, and find out how we can work with you to get what you earned and what you deserve. Some of the cases we take on involve Americans with Disabilities Act violations, unpaid wage claims, racial discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, and more.