Finding Fairness with a Child Support Attorney

With insurance, food, clothing, school, and recreational activity bills piling up, Mary could no longer afford to give her ex-husband the benefit of the doubt when he skipped his child support payments. He had missed over five months of payments so far this year, and the past three were consecutive. While she was working hard to pay for her share of their children’s expenses, she just could not afford to foot the bill for him any longer. While she did not want to have to take measures into more serious hands, she really felt that she had little options left. She took into account fact that she did not want her children’s livelihood to change. That is when she decided to call a child support attorney to help her set the record straight with her husband and his delinquent payments.

Child support attorneys help parents every day to stay on top of payments they are owed by the other parent of their children. When payments are unmet, quality of life is put at risk. In the case above, Mary owed it to her children to make sure their father stayed on task!

Divorced couples often settle these types of payment arrangement within the court system, where it is made very clear that missed payments will be met with penalties. In Louisiana, as with any other state, a child support enforcement officer works directly with the family court and helps mediate these types of situations by enforcing penalties such as:

  • Revocation of professional or business licenses
  • Revocation of driver and recreational licenses
  • Placement of non-paying parents in jail

The punishment is harsh, but the consequences of not paying child support fall most heavily on the children involved. If you live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and you are in need of a skilled child support attorney to help protect you and your children’s best interests, then contact the law offices of Miller, Hampton, & Hilgendorf today for a free consultation, at 225-343-2205. Our child support attorneys will help you right this wrong and make sure your children maintain the quality of life they deserve.