Brain Injuries are Very Serious. Here’s How A Brain Injury Attorney Can Help.

While at the community tennis court with some colleagues, Alfredo went up to take his turn playing a match. Unbeknownst to him, there was a large dip in the playing field caused by excess water buildup from a leaking sprinkler line. While reeling back to hit back from the opponent’s serve, hit backed right up into the dip and fell backward, slamming the back of his skull onto the ground. His friends chuckled a bit when they saw he fell, but the humor quickly converted to horror when they saw that Alfredo was not picking himself up off the ground. He hit his head so hard on the ground that his brain began to swell. After being lifted to an emergency room, emergency surgeons had no option but to open up the skull and allowing the swelling brain to release pressure. After an invasive surgery and months of recovery, Alfredo went home to his wife and children a changed man.

Brain injuries are among the scariest and most devastating injuries one can sustain. The brain is the mainframe of our bodies, controlling the rest of our faculties. Just like a computer gets damaged if the inner circuitry is compromised, so do our bodies. If an injury sustained is strong enough, it can destabilize the way we think, move, hear, feel, and see. These types of side effects can be disastrous not only for the person who suffered the brain injury but to the people involved who are close and possibly dependent upon the individual who suffered the injury.

These types of injuries can impact entire families, which is why it is so important that proper representation is sought after. A brain injury attorney can help your family recover from the past, present, and future costs of the injury, including lost wages, medical bills, and chronic therapy sessions. No one ever goes into a situation anticipating a brain injury, and no one should ever feel that they are on their own if they should sustain one. The brain injury attorneys at the law offices of Miller, Hampton, & Hilgendorf, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have the experience necessary to evaluate your case and give you the guidance needed in order to receive the maximum compensation possible to help you and your family recover from such a tragic and severe situation. Call today at 225-343-2205.